Frequently Asked Questions

There is no age limit, though we do recommend bundling up younger kids as it can be pretty chilly somedays.
The proper food, care, training, housing and vet costs for 35 dogs is not cheap, and of course these guys deserve the best!  And they also need all this year round.
Want to sponsor a sled dog?  If you fall in love with one of our dogs and want to sponsor them in particular for their food and expenses we can get you signed up.  We often do this for people who are hoping to adopt a dog when they get to retirement age.  They can become your dog while still working and pulling sleds with all their friends and then join your family when they start slowing down.  The average expense of food for one dog is $500/year. Our sponsorship price is negotiable. With a sponsorship of $200 or more a year, you will get one ‘free’ dog sled ride a year.
Warm clothes! You will spend at least and hour and fifteen minutes outside so you’ll probably want snowpants, boots, gloves, and a hat. We do have a little bit of extra warm gear that you may borrow (but we don’t have pants or boots).
We can take up to about 1000 pounds on a tour. That weight is split between two sleds. If you have more than that, we’d be happy to set you up with two tour times to accommodate your group.
Teams range anywhere from 8 to 14 dogs depending on snow conditions and on how much weight they’re pulling.
We’ll let you decide.

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